Friday, August 29, 2008

Where to start?

McCain picked an ex-beauty queen, conservative republican, anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-environment, inexperienced, woman as his vice-presidential choice.

What is that about?

Does he really think the fictional, invented by a republican operative, "PUMA'S" will vote for this lightweight? -- or are they just that clueless?

Since I read some of the gun lists, I found it amazing how many of these guys think she's just the absolute best possible choice -- along with comments like, "I'd hit it -- from the front!".

Perhaps that's what Johnny wants to hear -- or, maybe he needs someone to "inspire" him on the campaign trail.

Of course, this insane choice did move Obama & Co. off the front page.

Next we have the story that some repubs. want to move the convention up a week -- something about 9/11, and perhaps good old Gustav hitting New Orleans.

My first thought was --- they can't do that to the Twins, just can't mess up their schedule for another week -- that would be against all American values, totally unfair.

That's another thing I really liked about the DNC, they spoke of traditional American values. About the role of government in helping PEOPLE. It seems the current group in power think welfare is only for corporations, banks, huge industries. Everyone other than the rich are on their own.

Financial crisis, housing crisis, credit crisis -- all the folks who touted "the marketplace", are looking for a handout, for government "intervention", while regular folks lose their home, pension, insurance, and (in at least one case) their lives.

I guess we do need a change -- we need to rebuild our infrastructure, rebuild our safety net, totally scrap and rebuild our health insurance structure, and maybe begin nto make some stuff here in the USA.

Many years ago I worked in the Bronx -- I was a manager - dispatcher for a small metered, medallion, NYC Taxicab Fleet. We were just north of Yankee Stadium, on a little street that was two blocks long. On that street was a book-binder, a candy factory, a place that made soft serve ice cream machines, two taxi-cab fleet garages, the original Furn-A-Kit factory, an elevator repair place (Otis), and an industrial laundry. There was also a NYC garbage truck repair facility. At the end of the street was an old, mostly closed ex-junk yard. Once a year the owner would open up a small garage and take his old Dusenberg Boattailed Roadster for a spin around the block -- usually early on a Sunday morning.

Oft-times, when I'd make the turn from 170th St. onto Cromwell Ave, I'd look down the little hill and think -- "this is the real N.Y. This is what made the city great. We actually made stuff here, we did work, we moved people, kept things running, as opposed to all the places where they just shuffled paper. Without us there would be less need for all that paper.

Somewhere we forgot how to make real wealth.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Have been watching the DNC this week. Good speakers, interesting crowd. They look like "real people" - all hues, sizes, ages. Dress is very varied - lot's of individuals.

A crowd I'd feel comfortable being with.

Good speakers. I esp. liked Hillary, and Michelle.

Joe Biden, Harry Reid, and Barack were here together in Dallas back in 2005. Suz (my sweetie) and I were taking pictures for the local Dems. We were very impressed by all three. I wonder if they weren't hatching something back then.

Whatever it was, it does seem to have worked out pretty well.

some favorites

Of course I read blogs. I also have favorites -- Pandagon, Feministe, Pam's House Blend, Feministing, Calculated Risk, The Big Picture, Woman Rebel, Paul Krugman, Pharyngula, Angry Bear, BlogActive, and others that just do not get a visit every single day.

The Texas Fishing Forum gets a daily visit, as does the New York Yankees site.

My poor Yankees - oh well, more about that later.


Here we go. Another blog. Another group of words written by someone who might have something to say.

We'll find out soon enough.

Heck, there's enough going wrong for every person in the USA - and all the world - to start their own blog.