Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Twisted

Annie Ross with Gerry Mulligan Quartet - Give Me the Simple Life

Personnel: Annie Ross (Vocals), Art Farmer (trumpet), Gerry Mulligan (baritone sax, arrange), Bill Crow (bass), Dave Bailey (drums)

Friday, November 10, 2017

Sorry for being away for so long.  I've been having some nagging health problems  --  namely "routine cataract surgery" that has turned out not to be so routine after all.  When the Dr. says, "we will get you to see as well as we can" when I ask him if I will be able to read again   --  it's not comforting.  Nor is the fact I'm now told to use these "more aggressive" eye drops that the receptionist said to be "very careful" with  ==  since a refill would be in "the $300.00 range".

I'm just having trouble seeing, reading, typing, etc.  I guess old age is just one surprise after another.  Now know why they're called "The Golden Years"  --  you need a lot of gold to keep on trucking.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Howard McGhee Quartet - A Cottage for Sale

Personnel: Howard McGhee (trumpet), Tommy Flanagan (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Walter Bolden (drums)

Howard McGhee Septet - Dusty Blue

Personnel: Howard McGhee (trumpet), Bennie Green (trombone), Roland Alexander (tenor sax, flute), Pepper Adams (baritone sax), Tommy Flanagan (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Walter Bolden (drums)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

From "The Onion"

From "The Onion"  --  very close to the truth.

"SEATTLE—Eliciting a standing ovation for the longtime Seahawk’s cornerback as he gripped his walker and slowly hobbled to midfield, the NFL conducted a pregame ceremony to honor 52-year-old Ronald Dutton as the league’s oldest living former player. “Ever since my father retired in 2002, he has missed being out on the field, and he would like you all to know how thrilled and excited he is to be honored by you all today,” said Dutton’s 22-year-old daughter Kayla as the hunched and visibly confused former Pro Bowler was directed to look into the camera for a photo-op with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell before gingerly attempting to lift his arm and wave to the roaring crowd. “We would like to thank the NFL for taking the time to salute their alumni, especially when those like my father have so little time left. Though as happy as he is today, I just know he wishes all of his teammates were still alive to be here with him.” Following the ceremony, Dutton’s family reportedly returned him to his assisted living home after the Seahawk’s great drifted to sleep in the stands during the first quarter."

shirley horn/a lazy afternoon

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kenny Dorham & Jackie McLean — "Inta Somthin'" [Full Album 1962

1. Una Mas 2. It Could Happen to You 3. Let's Face Music & Dance 4. No Two People 5. Lover Man 6. San Francisco Beat Kenny Dorham & Jackie McLean - Inta Somethin' (1962) Lossless - 320 kbps personnel : Kenny Dorham - trumpet Jackie McLean - alto sax Walter Bishop - piano Leroy Vinnegar - bass Art Taylor - drums