Wednesday, October 14, 2009


National League Championship Series starts Thurs, American League Series starts Friday.

Dodgers vs. Phillies, Angels vs. Yankees.

I think the best four teams moved on. The rest of the postseason should be very good.

I happen to be rooting for a Yankee-Dodger World Series -- with the Yankees coming out on top. How can you root against Jeter, Posada, Mariano, Petitte, A-Rod, Tex, Swisher, Sabathia, Melky, Matsui?

Granted the Angels have a really good team, a great manager, and are a fine organization -- but this years Yankees have soul. As one of the broadcasters said, at least the Yankee organization has loyality to their players -- unlike the Boston Red Sox, who seem to be one of the coldest organizations out there.

I'd like to see the Yankees win -- if only to repay the loyalty their organization has toward their players.

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