Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Terror Attacks

I'm late making a comment on the latest terror attack, the one in San Bernadino, not the one against Planned Parenthood.  That said, the one against Planned Parenthood has not been called a terror attack, and none the rhetoric against Planned Parenthood, LGBT folks, death threats against women who dare to speak up, etc., is considered "terroristic speech".

I think the latest attacks are insane.  Killing co-workers is a meaningless act of stupidity.  It is neither strategic nor tactical.  It does however convince folks to go out and buy weapons for self defense.

I think that's a good thing.  A good thing if they learn how to be safe, how to use the weapon correctly, and how, and when, NOT to use deadly force.

I support gun ownership by eligible citizens.  I'm a gun owner.

As a senior citizen with somewhat limited mobility, I can not run.  I'm also a member of a minority that many Right Wing "Christians" despise.  There are many preachers hereabouts who support DEATH to ALL LGBT folks.  So, I fear deranged extremists of ALL stripes.

I understand that many folks I knew back in the Northeast will think me misguided (at the very least), but these folks who want to deny me my right of self defense also complain bitterly about the Police.  If they will not defend themselves, and have no faith in the Police, what in hell will they do if something happens to them.  That's not the same as going out LOOKING for trouble, nor is it, "hey you kids, get off my lawn"  --  BANG, BANG.  Those are also INSANE acts.  Self defense is just that, not some vigilante act.

Please think about defending yourself and your family, if it should come to that. 


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