Friday, January 15, 2016

The following is from Joe.My.God, from The New York Daily News, about Ted Cruz and his "New York values" crack.  It perfectly describes the way I feel about people who know NOTHING about New York describing the place.  I lived in N.Y.  (City and State) for over 64 years.  It is NOTHING like the place described by folks who never lived there.  Perhaps the reason some from New York do not respect most out of towners is simply because they do not respect folks who live and work in New York.

A pox on Ted Cruz and all the folks who don't have the ethics or integrity of the average N.Y. taxidriver.  Follow link to original.

Snork! They write:
Ted Cruz, who only comes here with his hand out, has decided that the most diverse city the world has ever known is filled with people who all think alike. He sounds in these moments like as slow a thinker as we have ever had run for President.
If you are dumb enough to think that New York values are some sort of handicap in this presidential season, then you are as dumb and tone deaf as Jesse Jackson was calling the city “Hymietown,” as dumb as Gerald Ford was when he gave this paper the most famous front page in its history, the day he effectively told New York to drop dead.
Here is what New York values are: New York values are a young guy, a paralegal, literally giving somebody he doesn’t know the shirt off his back on a subway because winter has finally come to the city and brought freezing temperatures with it. New York values are the New York taxi driver who traveled three boroughs across four days to find the guy who had left $1,400 in his cab, so he could return the money to him. You know what that really was? It was the real life of a city that Ted Cruz knows nothing about. He is simply another tourist here, one constantly on the make.
Mic drop!

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