Monday, June 13, 2016

Some thoughts on Orlando

Yesterday, a mentally unbalanced man, reputed to hate gays, Jews, women, etc. opened fire in a gay club, just after last call, and killed 49 while wounding over 50.  He was a Muslim, who used the "teachings" of his "religion of peace" to justify the slaughter.

"Isis" has claimed him as one of their own.  His ex-wife says he went from a "normal guy" to an abuser who would fly off the handle at anything or nothing.  His father stated he was "proud" of his son, who was a "good man" and "good father".  Perhaps his "good" is not the same as mine/ours.

Various right-wing "Christians" actually applauded the killer.  Even Texans said "as you reap, so you shall sow" (Lt. Gov. Patrick). 

At this point it seems as if EVERYONE is using this horrific attack to further their own agenda.  Kill Muslims, ban guns, etc., etc., etc.  None of this will solve the problem.  If you ban guns we will not have a means of self defense against ANYONE.  A defenseless people are not "Citizens", they are SLAVES. 

Our long term best defense is Western Civilization.  We have not remained in the 7th century as have many in the Muslim world (by the way, right now I don't give a damn if they "invented" algebra  ---  that was awhile ago, ya know).  Another defense would be teaching Citizenship, Civics, History, American History, The Constitution, Civil Rights, etc.  It would be good if folks recognized our rights cover ALL of our people.  Anything else and those supposed rights are privileges, given to just the special few. 

Immigrants MUST be taught that we are a secular society  --  so must many of our extreme "Christians".

The world isn't ending, there will be no "rapture", YOU (any of you) are NOT "called on" to bring about any one of the many apocalyptic ends to the current world.  We are all doing that very well by ignoring and denying climate change.

God does not love you more for killing innocent people  --  no matter who they love.

By the way, to the rabid anti-gay folks, I think there are more pedophiles among clergy than there are in the gay community.

I worry about many of our Muslim-Americans who are much more Muslim than American.  Sharia Law does not fly in American society.  Owning slaves, restricting the rights of women, are not exactly "American values" either.  Our society has slowly progressed toward being more fair, open, and inclusive over time.  Those on the left who decry our flaws often do not realize how much we have moved forward over the years.  We have been the light of the world for a long time.  Please do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

By the way, if you don't like gay folks  --  don't go to gay clubs or areas.  If you hate abortion, don't have one.  If you oppose "gay marriage", don't marry a same sex partner, etc., etc., etc.

Also, if you attack me  ---  I WILL defend myself.  I will NOT be led to my death to fulfill  ANYONES aganda. 

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