Monday, May 1, 2017

First Bank Failure of 2017

Back when I first started this blog I focused on bank failures, as well as anti-right-wing commentary, and music.  Over the years, as the economy improved, I moved more and more to music.  Heck, in 2016 only 5 banks failed.  This last week we had the first of 2017 and it's a big one.


Five Billion Dollar Bank Failure – First NBC Bank, New Orleans, Closed by Regulators.



Could this be the first shot of a new round of Republican economic failures? We all seem to agree that Trump is not suited to be President. Even his supporters appear to be hell-bent on destroying The USA if it does not meet their strange, simplistic version of a past that never was.

Perhaps now the "Bernie-bros", the Hillary haters, and those who claim, "there's no difference" between the parties will stop and think (for once).  Why must we always seem to reject the better for some sort of fantasy "perfect" that will never be. We did it back in the day - leading to "Tricky Dick" Nixon and the beginning of our right-wing nightmare. 

Today what we call "liberal" would have been seen as right-wing back in the 50's and 60's.  The only place we seem to have made any progress WAS in the sphere of race relations  --  and that appears to have been an illusion.

We are fast trying to end any and all protections and regulations that control business and protect consumers.  At the same time, I hear people complain about the inability of the FDA to do their job.  Everyone seems to want services as long as some one else pays for it. 

If Trump is the total disaster I fear he is, perhaps we will actually elect someone competent, able to at least try to do the job, willing to listen to experienced advisors, and at least try to help ALL the CITIZENS of The United States of America  --  even Gays, Lesbians, and our Transgendered Americans.

Why don't we all read a little REAL history  ---  and not the false crap spewed by Barton and some of the right-wing anti-historians.  ---  maybe then we can rediscover the promise of America and work toward our future as CITIZENS once again.  

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