Tuesday, June 6, 2017


June 6 1944  --  D-Day.  The allies landed in Normandy, opening up a true second front.  Most of those brave men are gone now.  Today we remember ALL of them. 

We were great then, we are great now - but only if we are willing to realize it.  We don't need a "strong-man", we don't need a dictator, we just need the will to go forward into the future.  Fear-mongers beware, we are still a strong resilient nation.  Grow up.  Let us ALL get things done. 

There are no "end times", there's just tomorrow.  We, as individuals get old and die  --  others go on in our place.  That DEATH we ALL face, that's the "end-times" folks fear.  Put it aside and go on.  No more "snowflakes"  ---  left or right.  It's called life, there are NO "safe places".  Get over yourself and move forward.  That's what they did on D-Day.

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