Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How Do You Feel Now?

All you folks who said, "there's no difference between Clinton and Trump".  How do y'all feel now?

All you folks who stayed home on election day because Clinton was not Obama  --  how's the current administration affecting y'all now?  All you right wing minority folks who voted for Trump  --  are you starting to worry,  yet?  Has the, "Am I next?" thought entered YOUR thoughts yet?  It will. 

If you just don't care about this stuff   ----   you will!  The attempted "Nazification" of the USA will end up affecting us ALL.  Even those ultra-rich SOB's who know nothing but have (right now) more money that they can possibly spend. 

I'm now 78  --  it's not my problem anymore.  I'm just sorry all y'all will have to learn the exact same lessons I did    ---    GOOD LUCK.

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