Monday, September 22, 2008

another scam

After reading comment after comment about this new "mother of all bailouts" proposal, it seems as if it's just another Bush administration attempt to destroy what's left of the soon to be mythical "middle class". It's just a multi-generational transfer of wealth from poor and middle class people to the financial elites (rich folks) - this after their greed trashed our financial system.

As opposed to 1907 when the banks saved the USA -- today, "We The People" will save the fat cats - by plunging ourselves into servitude.

By the way --- given how this "Conservative Government" has been nationalizing every damn financial institution in sight -- why can't they do the same with HEALTH CARE?

The contradiction has been heightened -- what now?

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SuzyQ said...

"The Contradictions have been heightened" Or the chickens have come home to roost.

Methinks Francis Fukiyama was too quick on the draw with his end of history bit and that the economics of Karl Marx may well become fashionable once again.

The state/corporate socialism one sees in the ideologies of neo-cons and neo-libs alike bears a stronger resemblance to fascism or national socialism than it does to anything compatible with American style government.