Saturday, November 8, 2008


O.K., today I went fishing. It's a wonderful way to relax, to forget about the world. This is especially true when the fish you're after force you to concentrate on what's happening at the end of your line. It's not that they are so smart, it's that they like to nose around your lure, pick it up, mouth it, and then, maybe, strike. It's like being connected to the fish. It's about concentrating on what this little creature is going to do next.

When I lived on Long Island, I did a lot of bottom fishing, Sea Bass, Blackfish, Cod, Ling, Porgies, etc. You'd drop your bait to the bottom, feel the tap, tap of various bait stealers, and try to recognize the rap, pick up, tug, of the various target fish. Some would pick up the bait prior to eating it --- strike too early, no fish, strike too late, no fish. It was all about "just right".

It could become almost Zen like. The days I was "on" were amazing. Those when I was "off" --- well, they were off.

In many ways it's just like life -- except the consequenses are smaller --- though still verey important.

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SuzyQ said...

I'm like soooo disappointed that you didn't mention taking me, the love of your life with you.

Oh well.. I may not be very zen like when I catch one but I had fun.