Monday, January 19, 2009

What Promise?

The "promise" of Obama does not seem to include the LGBTQ, etc., etc. communities.

We are not included as a part of anyone's agenda. Fend for ourselves is what we must do. As always, we only get movement when we make a pain in the ass of ourselves.

Obama neither respects nor understands us -- nor does he seem to want to.

Once again, we will have to demonstrate, make pests of ourselves, boycott, act up, act out.

Look at what folks do -- and -- what they say.

They are already killing us. Comb the news reports, LGBT folks are being killed at what appears to be an ever increasing rate. It's time to think of self defense. It's time to understand things are getting worse -- and with the economic downturn, they will get worse yet.

Act as if your life and future are at stake -- remember: "Silence = Death"

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SuzyQ said...

Oh I love it when you talk dirty.